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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dress Attempt #1

My First Dress: Part 1

My first attempt at an easy dress pattern by New Look (Pattern #6909)... and a sad attempt at photoshopping my messy room out from behind the dress form.

While we patiently await the wrath of hurricaine Irene, I have been working on my first dress project. The pattern is easy, but incorporated a princess seam which was very difficult to keep lined up while putting in the initial front seams. Although it was not listed, I needed to put in lining because the fabric is pretty thin. I still need to sew in the sleeves, hem the skirt and sew in the zipper...we'll see how it goes.

Friday, August 26, 2011

So The Journey Begins...

...I am not what most would consider a trend setter, but I like to think of my style as being a bit of business casual meet très chic meets leggings, t-shirt and tennis shoes. My particular love for clothes makes paying off student loans and living in NYC especially difficult. What's the solution? Satisfy my appetite for the latest styles by making them myself!

I plan to document this journey for anyone who is interested in following. My documentation will include pictures of pieces I'm working on, along with a few sketches of design ideas and photos of finished products. I'm also a bit of an iPad App fanatic, so I will throw in the occasional sewing application review for your reading pleasure.

I welcome any feedback, comments, suggestions or criticisms of my work. The more I get from you, the faster I'll get from Novice to Not!

Here I go....stay tuned for notes on Project 1...the dress with "princess stitching" and "square neck line".